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OUR customer naturally gravitates towards health & wellness and appreciates and highly appreciate herbal education, the female reproductive system, and natural womb care remedies that heal and prevent future ailments. They value wholesome lives with there family’s health at the forefront, These women value natural health integrating with modern medicine. She holds her self in High social standing and protects her divine energy. Her music vibe may be Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, or Jhené Aiko. Womb Buzz is for women who are comfortable in the skin she’s in and understands her queendom. It empowers her feminine energy that ignites her inner majesty, feeling all kind of diva deliciousness walking like the Queen Bee you are.

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Ideal Candidate:

Here at Womb Buzz everything we do is honored with Professionalism, Education, and client care. Our ideal candidate wants for her sister what she wants for herself, she knows the world is too big to live inside the box. and even the sky is not the limit. She knows that she was born with her unique DNA print and she embodies her own supper power. She doesn’t play it safe she unapologetically and boldly lives her truth. 


Does this sound like you sis?

We’ll buzz on over here and hit the Link. 


Why we created an affiliate program? 

We created a affiliate program to promote natural womb wellness & to provide opportunities to other women, and to empower them financially. 


How does affiliate program work? 

Once you are selected you will be given a personalized link, to share with those you love and care about. You will get a unique code specifically for you. Anytime someone uses your code, the commission rate of each order is 10%-15% .