Welcome to Womb Buzz - Discover Natural Gynecological Healing

Welcome to Womb Buzz - Discover Natural Gynecology

About the Business

Womb Buzz is professional Holistic Womb Care company that serves women from the age of puberty to women living in her glory years. We give women the natural know how on how to overcome gynecological struggles. We recognize that women do not have much knowledge of self-care in this area. According to the CDC there are over 600,000 hysterectomies in America. At Womb Buzz we focus on womb health using a plant based womb care plan to offset painful uteruses and detox the womb of excess overgrowths such as bacteria, yeast and mucus. These build-ups usually show up on the body as Bactria Vaginosis, Yeast infections and Fibroids also known as the Beehive. We also help women discover the natural know how on to overcome menopause, painful menstrual cycles and so much more. Book your Consultation (button) 


About the Owner 

Melita Quick aka The Herb & Steam Queen is a wife mother of 5, Women’s Womb Wellness Advocate, Respiratory Therapist, herbalist and an author. 

As an inspired woman who has managed my own painful menstrual cycle going 7-days to a 4 day healthy menstrual cycle without cramps, I learned how to naturally mange my own cycle. l love helping to expand the awareness of herbal options. Learn more Download the Sweeten the Honeyspot E-book (button) Coming Soon!