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Breath Easy Tea (Drinking Blend)
Breathe easy with this herbal blend that will help open the airway and fight through congestion and mucus. With ingredients like mullein, black seed, mint and echinacea you will start...
Roses & Rose Hips Facial Steam Herbs
Mimic a facial spa day at your own home. Roses 🌹 strengthen tighten and tone the skin while promoting extreme hydration. Rose-hips are packed with Vitamin C protecting you from...
Red Jasper Yoni Eggs Set
The Red Jasper Yoni Egg helps you to increase bladder control while kegeling with this vaginal shaped crystal. Start off wearing them from large to small overtime to increase vaginal...
Rose Quartz Yoni Egg Set
Rose Quartz Strengthen vaginal muscles by holding the egg inside vaginal canal without laying an egg. These natural crystals are shaped like the vagina and come in large to small...
Facial Steamer
$39.00 $49.00
Hey HONey!! Its back! The facial steam with herbs that will strengthen & tighten your skin along with add just the right amount of vitamin c. Make your own Rose...
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