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Bee-Hive V-Steam Blend
Take the sting (cramps) out of your menstrual cycle and allow the Bee -Hive Herbal Blend to clean and disinfect the overgrowths such as (mucus, yeast, clots, bacteria) The Bee...
Breath Easy Tea (Drinking Blend)
Breathe easy with this herbal blend that will help open the airway and fight through congestion and mucus. With ingredients like mullein, black seed, mint and echinacea you will start...
Customized Foldable Honey Seat With Remote Control Steamer
Honeyseat Bundle with Remote Controulled Steamer+ Foot Massager +Conseltation + Gown + Herbal Blend and Free Shipping
Facial Steamer
$39.00 $49.00
Hey HONey!! Its back! The facial steam with herbs that will strengthen & tighten your skin along with add just the right amount of vitamin c. Make your own Rose...
Gift Card
Want to give a gift to a bride, girlfriend, wife or special love one? Gift cards can be used towards service or products. Purchase now.
Herbal Foot Detox
Relax your feet and legs inside of an herby steamy barrel sauna. The warm herbal steam seeps inside those feet and increases blood circulation releasing toxins and extra fluid around...
Honey Moon V-Steam Blend
Set the mood for a time of intimate enjoyment. Awaken the mood, desire and passion in the pleasure zone. Feel your body respond to the moment like it’s your Honey...
Pollinate V-Steam Herbal Blend
Pollination promotes life and accepts conception. This blend sets the environment to naturally deep cleanse the reproductive zone and eliminates residue. Along with consultation and a 3 month plan we...
Premium Luxury Honey Seat With Remote Control Steamer
Relax and Rejuvenate using this luxury cedar wood remote controlled vaginal steamer. Can be used in a salon, spa or home. Holds up to 500 pounds.
Queen Bee Herbal V-Steam Blend
General herbal Blend that cleanses the many layers down to the cells of the Feminine Reproductive System. This gentle blend helps to restore the natural nectar that a queen invigorates....
Red Jasper Yoni Eggs Set
The Red Jasper Yoni Egg helps you to increase bladder control while kegeling with this vaginal shaped crystal. Start off wearing them from large to small overtime to increase vaginal...
Rose Quartz Yoni Egg Set
Rose Quartz Strengthen vaginal muscles by holding the egg inside vaginal canal without laying an egg. These natural crystals are shaped like the vagina and come in large to small...
Roses & Rose Hips Facial Steam Herbs
Mimic a facial spa day at your own home. Roses 🌹 strengthen tighten and tone the skin while promoting extreme hydration. Rose-hips are packed with Vitamin C protecting you from...
Sweeten The Honeyspot Herbal Blend (NEW)
Sweeten the Honey Spot This tender love and care herbal combination gives you soft and subtle vibes that mellows you out for a deep relaxation and then the herbal sweet...
The Original Womb Buzz Bundle (as featured with Tabitha Brown)
$299.00 $399.00
Create the ultimate Womb Buzz experience with this set-up. This package gives you a personal spa - pampering session. The Womb Buzz Gown along with Honey Seat, Your choice of...
Womb Buzz Spa Gown
One Size Fits All
Womb Buzz T-shirts
Represent Womb Buzz brand with this logo - printed shirt that has you living your life like it’s golden! Queen, you are an empowered beauty who has the natural feminine...
Worker Bees V-Steam Blend
Get back to your feminine vibrancy, lift the pelvic floor, balance your internal flora, refresh and replenish! Renew your confidence and sparkle from within! This vibrant blend is fabulous to...
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