• Oct 30, 2020
  • by Beviyan's Work
  1. Use a bidet or a bidet sprayer so if they run out of toilet paper again it’s okay!  When we were babies, what did mom use on us after changing our diaper? Wipes or soapy water. Right. When we urinate and dedicate we should be using water and toilet paper. Feel fresh throughout the day. 
  2. Diet - We are what we eat! Try eating asparagus, coffee, or alcohol? - Literally, when you urinate what does it smell like? Is it strong in smell? Now eat fresh pineapple. Notice the difference? See tip one again. 
  3. Drink water 💧 Water purifies and cleanses ; Even on the inside. Notice the color of your urine color. The smell of bacteria 🦠 is stronger when there is less hydration. Drink water and notice the smell. Notice the color. 
  4. Air out - Sometimes we need to let her get some air. Let her breathe on her own. Oxygenate and feel great!! Airflow maintains freshness. 
  5. Use natural soaps to wash vulva  Yes, you can use soap! Use natural soaps to help clean the vulva-outside the vagina, inside the labia. No need to use soap inside the vaginal canal. Introducing chemicals and inserting objects inside the canal can disrupt the natural flora unbalance ph and leaving you feeling agitated and itchy. 
  6. Sanitize your hands and make sure your man does too! Don’t let nasty hands touch this most delicate and absorbing place on the body. You might experience a reaction. Most germs are transferred from our hands. Wash them. 
  7. Don’t wear tight clothing. Sis! I know it looks nice but remember the tight clothing doesn’t allow the airflow. Vaginas are naturally moist. Don’t get it so stuffy that there is no air circulating not allowing ventilation. Bacteria grow in damp moist and dark areas.
  8. No perfumes - perfumes, body sprays and the like can disrupt ph balance bec
  9. Shaving pubic hair/ Shaving pubic hair causes it to be less sweaty (less bacteria growth. Hair holds on to sweat and bacteria: More airy - when it’s shaven. 
  10. Get you a Womb Buzz/ vaginal steam, yoni steam, chai yok or a hip bath same thing! Sit over a nice herbal steamy seat of water and let the infused steam penetrate in those soft tissues inside of the blood stream. The steam lifts and the herbs 🌿 help heal., detox and refresh. Your vagina, vulva, labia, vaginal canal, womb, walls of the womb, fallopian tools, ovaries get thoroughly showered in herbal medicine that kills bacteria, fungus and controls the excess mucus. It’s a uterine shower!! Shop wombbuzz.com take 10%off on your first order. Thank me later!